Brussels · Tuesday 1 April 2014

Can femininity create a conscious business?

How women (and the men who think like them) can rescue the economy.



Tuesday 1 April 2014 · 08:30-18:30

Programme 2014

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Thank you for attending the JUMP Forum 2014 in Brussels! We hope that you all enjoyed this 8th edition and that you ended the day feeling energised and inspired to reach for more in your professional and personal lives.

See you next year or at the JUMP Forum in Paris on May 15!

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JUMP Forum 2013 in Brussels

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Michael Kimmel

“It is important that more men support an initiative like JUMP because it is about them as well. It turns out that the more gender equal a marriage the happier the men are, the better their children do in school, the happier their children are and the more sex they have. This is a win-win! When women win, men win also.”

Why should you take part

Keynote Speakers

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Assita Kanko
Author of "Parce que tu es une fille"


Céline Fremault
JUMP Forum President
Minister for the economy and employment of the Brussels Capital Region


Evy Hellinckx
Principal at Bain & Company on the JUMP/Bain survey on “These Couples that reverse the traditional roles”

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