The JUMP Forum is an annual event in Brussels, Lyon and Paris dedicated to boosting gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.

Why attend the JUMP Forum?

JUMP is not just about helping women succeed but about creating a culture that values diversity and the talents offered by Men and Women.


To improve your performance by making the best use of all your available talent, by valuing high-flying women and developing your image as a “women- friendly” employer.


To improve your career prospects and develop your potential.


You have a role to play and a lot to gain from more gender diversity in the workplace!

The JUMP Forum is simply a must if you are serious about developing yourself as a leader and a change agent understanding the reasoning behind gender equality in the workplace.

Why should you take part to JUMP?

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    Vincent Cespedes

    JUMP, c’est une histoire magnifique ou la langue de bois n’existe pas. J’ai fais beaucoup de forum avec le livre…

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    Avivah Winttenberg-Cox

    Jump helps to raise awareness, (in) lobby companies, measure their performance, reward best practices, keeps the subject on the agenda and helps sensitize organizations…

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    Mawgan Wilkins

    I think it’s extremely useful, I think it’s actually really really necessary…

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    Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden

    “I think organisations like JUMP are vitally important to help inform individuals about what these challenges are and really to help advice on practical strategies. What can I do as an individual to help really thrive my ambitions? Where can I find employers that offering the kind of working environment where I can truly thrive? So I think JUMP has a real value to plan in that regard.”

Why is it important that men support JUMP?


Jean-Michel Monnot

“Il est essentiel que les hommes soutiennent des initiatives comme JUMP parce que la mixité est une affaire d’hommes et de femmes. Tout ce qui est fait de bien pour apporter de meilleures conditions, un meilleur environnement aux femmes, bénéficie aux hommes. Les besoins des hommes et des femmes ne sont pas si différents. C’est dans l’intérêt des hommes de faire progresser la mixité parce que cela améliorera leur qualité de vie, réduira leur stress et la souffrance face aux stéréotypes.”

A special thank to our partners